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Professional Skin Analysis


Get your free professional skin analysis at any of the authorized Nanoskin Technology dealers listed below. Detect future problems early.

Cape Town.

Beyond Wellness Beauty     072.663.4460
Nanoskin Regional Office   021.914.3007
Chantal van Niekerk           071.173.5448
PNB Oudtshoorn                 082.773.9446
Salon Elkana                       083.282.9034


Hazel Nut Beauty & Wellness Day Spa 079.595.2613


Dr. Z Hawa                          012.665.9105
Nanoskin Regional Office 074.103.0482


Lipote Delmas                      074.133.5912


Beautiful Body Solution   082.303.8509


La Bonta Head Office      011.053.8036

Visibly discover underlying skin problems and how these areas improve over time with the recommended correction methods.

Go beyond surface beauty and discover the truth about your face with the new way of doing Skin Health Checks, the scientific way, to truly understand and treat your skin. The facial-skin-scanner does this fast and highly scientific feedback is supplied to both salon and client. All of the data is stored for future reference.  The skin analyzer takes the guesswork out of treatment.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Analysis
Using one of the most clinically advanced analyzing machines available, your skin therapist will take six different photographs of your face in 4 zones to measure and build an accurate picture of its condition. These images are taken making use of different spectrums of light to highlight even invisible problems and underlying sun damage. This is exciting process and your client will often be mesmerized by the microscopic condition of their skin.

This provides a unique assessment of the surface and sub-surface structures: skin aging, wrinkles, oil production, UV damage and skin tone.
Step 2: Diagnosis and personalized Nanoskin care prescription
You’ll then receive an exceptionally accurate skin diagnosis, highlighting potential issues not visible to the naked eye. Your skin care therapist will provide relevant health and lifestyle tips, and give you a personalized treatment prescription.
Step 3: Measurable results.
Skin Scanner Health Checks don’t simply identify issues. Throughout the course of your treatment, you’ll receive further photographic analyses to document your progress and see just how much your skin has improved.


The facial scanner system is the latest professional equipment for skin treatment with Nanoskin Technology.The System has the ability of standard white-light (RGB) shooting system plus polarized light to look deeper than the epidermis.Once the digital imaging system emits visible RGB light and safe Polarized light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently, and sends back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital microscope and analyzed by Grunberger skin analysis software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, analyzing images created and interpreted by your computer then shows the skin condition and assist you with future predictions and care that must be taken.
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