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Nanoskin Super Booster Face Lift Serum


• Decreases forehead wrinkles, nasal furrows and mouth wrinkles after 14 days of use.
• Boosts collagen, elastin formation & matu-ration by reactivating 14 “sleeping” genes
after 14 days.
• Restores the “triangle of beauty”. Plumps skin through Hyaluronic acid synthesis. Skin
acts up to 15 years younger.
Use morning and night after wash and tone.
All Races, men and woman. Age groups 20+, 30+, 40+ 50+.
Oily, dry and combination skin.
Exclusive, youth-renewing Nano Technology unlocks the secret to energizing the skin and helps slow skin’s natural
aging process. The Oracle Collection puts the ultimate indulgence in age-defying skincare at your fingertips for
unparalleled performance and skin transformation.
Cosmeceutical Actives
Reactivates 14 genes involved in the synthesis, maturation, assembling and the organisation of collagen
And elastin fibres in the ex-tracellular matrix.
Reactivates genes involved in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Decreases the volume and the area of forehead
wrinkles, nasal furrows and mouth wrinkles after 14 days of use.
Snow Algae
Rejuvenating & Repair, increase skin’s longevity. Protects and activates longevity factors in skin cells .Rejuvenates
and protects skin at cellular level .Safeguards skin’s youthfulness by activating Klotho. Strength-ens
cellular defence mechanisms through calorie restriction mimetic activity Nanomax Combination of 2 sorts
of Nanoparticles, Co-Enzyme Q10(Ubiquinone)They are compounds that neutralizes ROS [(Reactive Oxygen
Spe-cies) and they are produced as natural by-products of the oxidative cell me-tabolism in our body].
Smoothes and restores firmness.
Preserves elasticity and tone. Protects against photo aging. Protects against free radicals from polluted air.
Anti-inflammatory, needed to manufacture connective tissue and whitening
Antioxidant polyphenol from red wine, it binds to specific polyphenol binding sites in epidermis, and is
useful to prevent skin disorders associated with aging, 17 times more potent than Idebenone


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