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Hydrating Face Oil 15ml


When it comes to boosting just that extra little bit of moisture and protection into dry skin then this ultra light face oil has no rivals.

Nanoskin Technology makes it easy to find the right moisturizer. Now is the time to add a richer moisturizer and compliment your Day & Night Moisturizer and Nanoskin Nourishing & Hydrating Face Oil. You could also use Nanoskin Technology moisture capsules.  Two products from the Nanoskin Laboratory that’s powerful enough to not only replenish moisture loss, but also to seal in the moisture that’s already there.

Rich in vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, K, PP and essential fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial for your skin. Can also be used for the sensitive skin around the eyes.



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linkto-huffingtonpostLet’s face it: pollution and dry weather can wreak havoc on our skin. Not only can pollutants leave us dry and chapped (which can be pretty painful), but the sun, low-humidity and intense heat can also make our complexions appear dull (and who doesn’t prefer to be radiant year-round?).

That’s why dermatologist and “Forget the Facelift” author Dr. Doris Day stopped by HuffPost Live to share her top skincare secrets to keep our skin soft and smooth from head to toe.

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15ml, 100ml

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