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What is Nanoskin Technology?

Liner_Cyclic_Peptide_ronacareThe study of nano-sized technology has grown exponentially in the past few decades, and our scientists are now creating lighter, more cosmetically elegant skin care products and sunscreen.

Because nano-particles are so small, they have the ability to dramatically reduce the thick and pasty consistency of modern active ingredients dramatically increasing the ability for skin care products to work on target and on the areas where needed they can deliver the most efficient results.


New nano-particle-formulated products are slowly beginning to make their way to market. Nanoskin Technology is one of the first companies to launch space-age skin care technology and we’re excited to get rid of the pasty, washed-out surface products of the past.regu-age


The skin is a miraculous organ and Nanoskin Technology continues to make improvements on how to maintain the health and beauty of this organ, the largest in the body. Much of the radiant youthful glow on the skin is achieved through the delivery of advanced, active skin care products. These products are designed to work effectively on the surface of the skin. However the performance of the most effective products are boosted by new active ingredient technology and most importantly by new targeted systems that deliver the active ingredients to defined areas of the skin in order to achieve the most desirable results.

pentavitescience_blueThousands of formulas exist that promise the key to youthful, vibrant skin. However, for the active ingredients in these skin care formulations to perform optimally, they must penetrate into the targeted areas of skin and perform specified claimed advantages.

Actives that “sit” on top of the stratum corneum, the dead cellular level, will provide only temporary and minimal benefits. Actives that are delivered deeper into the living layers of skin cells are able to work more efficiently and make significant changes in skin appearance and quality. The key to achieving this improvement is how and when the actives are delivered, and what trigger is employed to deliver them to the most beneficial destination on/in the skin. Old fashioned ways to achieve this delivery through repeated exfoliation is irresponsible and leads eventually to skin ageing.


Actives penetration into the layers of skin is achieved by means of carefully designed delivery systems. These systems serve as a “vehicle” for the delivery of active ingredients into the skin layers. Such targeted delivery systems have been instrumental in optimizing the effectiveness of expensive active ingredients. If the actives degrade, do not penetrate, or are not delivered to the proper sites, they will not be employed to their full extent, and may not live up to their full potential of benefits and claims. Nanoskin Technology skin care products achieves this sophisticated delivery systems with its skin care range.


Delivery systems produce beneficial enhancement of active ingredients and they help the skin obtain the maximum benefits attainable.ronacare-chart

The appeal of Nanoskin Technology products stem from their ability to overcome the difficulties experienced with conventional delivery systems, and their capability to effectively release active ingredients.

In view of the fact that Nanoskin Technology actives are composed of naturally occurring compounds that are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic, it is considered a safe penetration enhancer.

Using a delivery system creates a superior product that penetrates more effectively and feels better on the skin. All of these attributes are influential on consumer behavior and repeat spending patterns. Products with delivery systems to boost the actives penetrate more deeply thereby providing enhanced efficacy and generate enhanced product performance and future sales.

resveratrol-red-wineWhen it comes to formulating effective skin care products, more often than not, it’s all in the delivery!

These are just some of the ingredients you will find inside Nanoskin Technology, and how it will work for your skin:




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